Tuesday, 7 February 2012


After reading Raymond Blanc's recommendation I thought Dabbous was probably worth a try! And it proved to be true - Friendly and helpful staff got immediate brownie points for sorting out the booking cock-up which a certain booking website had perpetrated (they had booked me on the wrong night). They found me a table and promised not to rush me through.

Trying a new restaurant it seems to me one is duty bound to go for the tasting menu. I have reproduced the menu below with a few comments on each course


Salad of fennel, lemon balm
and pickled rose petals

A lovely fresh opener with the subtle flavours expertly complementing each other

Steak Tartare with cigar oil and turnip

Beautifully tender steak set off by the unusual flavour of the oil. I would never have guessed it was flavoured with cigar but it was certainly a fascinating taste

Coddled free range hen egg with
woodland mushrooms and smoked butter

The rich creaminess of the coddled egg spiked with the earthy spice of the filed mushrooms - Gorgeous!

Roast king crab with warm buttermilk and hispi cabbage

Lovely meaty, flavoursome crab offset by the sharp bitterness of the cabbage and a smooth creamy sauce. I'm not usually a big fan of crabmeat but this was perfection

Barbecued iberico pork, savoury acorn praline,
turnip tops, homemade apple vinegar

Iberico pork is everywhere at the moment but this was a very strong course - Tender, well flavoured and the soft flesh set against the crunch of acorns and the twist of the apple vinegar

Artisanal cheese from the British Isles, baked apple
and toasted sourdough (£9 supplement)

The only slight disappointment - The bread was one-side toasted but had gone slightly damp and the cheeses, apart from the Brie type one were rather run of the mill.

Cucumber and borage flower
in a chilled lemon verbena infusion

This was back on course with a delightful fresh kick

Chocolate and virgin hazelnut oil ganache,
basil moss, sheeps’ milk ice cream

This really was pretty amazing. I would never have thought of combining basil and chocolate but it was a triumphant success. A tantalising combination of texture and flavour and a great finish to the meal

£49, for the whole table only

Very impressed overall with Dabbous - It has a friendly vibe far removed from the temple to food type establishments but the food is top level. I will certainly be going back. Thanks once again to the lovely staff.

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