Sunday, 27 December 2009

Post Christmas 2009

Well, that's Christmas over for another year. It kicked off, after two shows, with a quick drink at the pub before heading back to get ready for midnight mass. Singing went well although I was pissed off that time restraints meant that we cut the piece with the best tenor line! Another swift drink before heading home to bed.
An early-ish rise in order to get a good drive down to East Sussex was rewarded with an almost traffic free drive. Arrival at Mill House is followed immediately by engagement with the prep for lunch and working out the logistics of getting Dad from his recuperation home.
Collection of Dad and the meal all went off remarkably smoothly despite noisy nephews etc. Dad duly transported back again, presents and a quick tea and I am back on the road again returning to Bucks. Watch some mindless telly before the programme about the Royal Ballet in Cuba comes on. One of the highlights is Tamara Rojo's 32 fouettes in the rehearsal for "Corsaire". Unbleievably she not only incorporates triple fouettes but also in the second 16 incorporates quartered changing spots as well! This excellent programme was a good end to an emotionally rather draining day.

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