Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Che gelida manina!

Back from a freezing and frustrating two and 1/2 days in Southport. Theatre has huge disadvantages for a production which requires in view flying but the crew are friendly and willing and work to make the best of it. Bloody cold both in and out of the venue. Useless hotel on second night. When I arrived the room was freezing so I asked them to get the heating working or put a heater in the room. Arrive back at hotel after placing call and curry to find the room is still freezing and no heater has been located. On ringing down to reception I am told there are no spare heaters (presumably because of other freezing guests!!) so I ask to be moved. After half an hour waiting for a call back I give up and go to bed. I am just drifting off (despite chattering teeth) when reception calls to tell me a room has been found. I rise, get dressed and pack my goods and chattels. The room is warm when I get to it and I go gratefully to bed. when I wake up, however, the radiator has not come on...
I check out and thank my lucky stars that I am not staying till the end of the run.

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